The Future of Drones in Marketing

Marketing has always been a game of innovation. The newest, most eye-catching methods trump the old, and Chief Marketing Officers live and die by the motto “Disrupt the Market”.

In today’s age of viral marketing, it is important to be seen as cutting edge and innovative. Video campaigns and visual storytelling are the new norm and businesses are catching on to the newest way to create captivating content and set their brand apart: drones.

Industries including agriculture, insurance, engineering, real estate, oil and gas, construction, tourism and motion pictures have been the trailblazers in adopting the technology, but in the next few years anyone not using drones will undoubtedly be left behind.

The possibilities that drones provide businesses are only limited by their marketing team’s imagination. Industry leaders such as American Express, Apple, Audi and Nike already incorporate drone footage into their marketing campaigns on a regular basis. Using drones to achieve new and interesting perspectives in commercials and promotional videos, getting photo and video coverage of corporate events and data collection to generate reports are only a few of the many uses marketing teams are already giving drones.

Why and How should I use a drone

To use drones to their full capacity one must understand what they are and what they are not. Drones are not meant to replace all marketing technologies. They are meant to complement existing practices to create higher quality and more engaging content by changing the visual perspective throughout a sequence.

Zainil Kadiwal and Ali Dhukka, co-founders of DroneForce Studios, believe that the bottom line is that drones facilitate the process of going from concept to reality. “With the ability to create high definition footage from any angle, and moving in any direction, drones offer marketing teams the opportunity to flawlessly transition from storyboard to final product,” explained Ali who is in charge of post-production. In the past, perfectly reproducing a storyboard could take hours or days to set up depending on the difficulty of the sequence. Today, a professional drone operator can bring a marketing team’s story to life with about 20 minutes of setup and at a fraction of the cost.

“One of the biggest advantages of using drones for marketing is the added perspective. The difference between just zero and fifty feet has once again changed the standard for information marketing,” comments Zainil. Tourist resorts are now hiring drones to cruise above beaches, through trees, and over bungalows to show off their amenities. Real-estate firms are marketing high-end commercial and residential properties by showing potential buyers the neighborhoods they will be living in, their child’s commute to school or what resources will be close at hand. Music festivals and major sporting events are using drones to show off their event grounds as well as capture the action in new ways to sell more tickets; and oil and gas companies are showing off how they are environmentally sound or exhibiting good corporate citizenship.

Despite your industry, a drone is a compelling marketing tool that can help you create a unique message, whatever that message may be.

How to get started

Deciding to use drone photography is the easy part, however there are many things to consider before getting started. A few examples of common questions you must ask yourself are:

  • What type of drone is best for completing my job?
  • What kind of instruments or devices does the operator need to have?
  • Do I need special permits for the operator to conduct his shoot?
  • Does the operator have all the business’ and pilot’s licenses he needs?
  • Besides the few videos the operator has on their website are they actually qualified to take on the job I need done?

Most importantly, you will want to save time and money. Many drone operators specialize in full production and are able to offer ground production as well as aerial photography among other services. When sourcing contractors to create your marketing material you don’t want to find yourself hiring multiple professionals; you will want one expert that can do everything you need done and give you a deal on the project.

Before you know it, finding the right person for the job has become a very technical process. All these considerations are some of the reasons drones are not being adopted at a faster rate. It is critical to find a good match to create the content that you envision. You will want someone that not only has a firm grasp of all the equipment needed for the job but also someone that knows the legal framework and has a thorough understanding of your industry and project.

When asked what recommendation he’d give someone that wanted to hire a drone operator Zainil cautioned, “Make sure you do your homework. There are many operators out there that aren’t licensed or insured. I always tell people – if you think hiring a professional is expensive wait until you hire an amateur, that’s when it gets expensive.”

Even though finding a professional drone operator may seem like a difficult task there are experts trying to innovate and simplify the process for everyone else. Websites like have made it easy for businesses across the US to hire vetted professional drone operators that specialize in their industry.

If you haven’t yet considered using drones to promote your business there is no time like the present to adopt the future.